Rejuvenation Station

Red Light Therapy Room

Sessions are typically 20 minutes each, reservations are for 30 minutes total for the red light therapy room.

Great for reducing pain and inflammation in muscles and joints, gaining energy, better sleep, clearer skin, reducing wrinkles, producing collagen, improving mental clarity, reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, boosting your immune system, sexual health, and more!


Single session price (stand alone) -$45
Single session add on to a regularly priced service -$30

Rejuvenation Station Membership unlimited monthly $130/month
Enjoy as much as you want! More Sessions = More Benefits!

Premier Membership and Wellness Membership special rates available.
Ask Shawn or Suzanne for details!


In comparison to blue light, red light is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Red light is delivered in the mid-600 nanometer range, while infrared is in the mid-800s. Due to its range and longer wavelengths, infrared is invisible to the human eye.

Red and infrared light, commonly used to treat skin and pain conditions, have been proven to be a holistic treatment for:

These types of lights are effective because of their ability to penetrate deep within the skin. Red and infrared light promotes melatonin production. This stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is essential to function properly as it provides our body's cells with energy. This is why red light therapy products are so effective for speeding up the healing process.


Red light therapy lights are effective because of their ability to reach deep into the skin without damaging it. Red light therapy machines penetrate 2-7 centimeters into inner skin layers using red and infrared light to reach muscles, nerves, and bones effectively.

Stem cells become activated: When stem cells are exposed to red and infrared light, they become activated. They then travel through the bloodstream to the injured area. After arriving, they transform into the needed cell type to help with healing.

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